Canal Digital shows the football WC in HD

All Canal Digital Danmark customers can look forward to all 64 World Cup matches in HD when the football World Cup in South Africa kicks off on 11 June. It has become possible after Canal Digital entered into an agreement with TV 2 to show TV 2’s matches in HD. The other matches are shown on DR HD and on a special Canal 9 HD channel.
With a new distribution agreement, Canal Digital can show TV 2’s World Cup matches in the best HD quality. As a Canal Digital customer, you are thus guaranteed all World Cup matches in HD through your subscription, regardless of which TV package you subscribe to, and regardless of whether you are a satellite or cable TV customer via Family Mix or digital mirror.

“It has always been our clear goal to deliver a fantastic television experience to all our customers in connection with the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, where Denmark is participating. We are constantly working to be able to offer the best sports coverage on the market, and we have achieved this with the new distribution agreement with TV 2, which means that together with TV 2, DR and Canal 9 we can now show all matches from the Football World Cup in HD, ” says Catja Middelboe Andersen, communications director at Canal Digital.

Canal Digital’s customers can therefore look forward to a large and varied match program from the World Cup in the best quality. The HD format was already tested with great success during the World Cup in 2006, which is why super quality and top entertainment is promised on the screen when the opening match kicks off on 11 June and when the Danish national team take to the pitch against the Netherlands in their first match on June 14.

“Football is fantastically suited to the HD format, as the intensity on the football pitch and the atmosphere from the stands really comes into its own with the high HD image resolution. In addition, our viewers will not just look at a crystal clear picture, but also have the option of sound in Dolby 5.1, which will provide the perfect World Cup experience at home on the sofa – it will almost feel like being there yourself,” says Catja Middelboe Andersen.

To experience TV images in HD quality, you must have an HD-ready flat screen, an HDTV box and access to HD channels. Canal Digital is among the leading TV distributors in HDTV and currently offers 14 HD channels in its channel packages.

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