Nickelodeon and Vh1 on each channel

After the launch of the Danish combined channel Nickelodeon/Vh1 in the spring, MTV Networks is now expanding the number of channels in YouSee’s full package by letting the children’s Nickelodeon move from home at the turn of the year. Thus, viewers will be able to experience the full length of Nickelodeon and Vh1 on each of their channel slots.

MTV Networks has high expectations for the new channel.

“We are happy with the great results that both Vh1 and Nickelodeon have achieved in a very short time, and expect that the launch of the full version of Nickelodeon will make the channel the largest commercial children’s channel in Denmark within the next few years.

At the same time, we are proud that we now have a complete range of targeted channels: Nickelodeon for the little ones, MTV for the young and Vh1 for the adults,” says MTV Network’s Danish Country Manager Kenneth Kristensen.

Program manager at YouSee, Claus Dawall, is also happy about the division of the two channels: “Since the launch of the combined channel Nickelodeon/Vh1 in March, we have experienced a demand for two separate channels, and we are happy that we can now do that offer our customers after the turn of the year”.

The full version of Nickelodeon will be launched around the turn of the year. This means that the Danish music channel Vh1 will fill the whole day with music from before and now, aimed at adults.

The full version of Nickelodeon will be seen by over 1.1 million households, while Vh1 Danmark will be available in YouSee’s full package as well as through Stofa and ComX.

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