Popular Kid’s TV Shows which You can Watch Today

Nostalgia hits right in the nerves when we speak of kid’s TV shows. Not only are there many memories attached to it, but it is imperative to note that it was the only entertainment factor of our childhood. So if you’re looking for a road to nostalgia, then the 90s was an excellent era for Kid’s TV shows, which even the kids of this generation can enjoy.

The TV shows mentioned in this article are from the 90s, bringing a drastic shift in kids’ entertainment. Shows like ‘Full House’ and ‘Saved the Bell’ hooked kids to their seats. Some of these shows can even be found on Netflix and Hulu, which has helped introduce new audiences.


Rugrats (1996-2006)

The series talks about exploring the unknown in life from a toddler’s perspective. The show was centered around a group of toddlers, their adventures, and their different playtime activities. They explored the playground, backyard, departmental stores, and others in many episodes, now streaming on Prime Video and Hulu. There were also three different movies released due to the popularity of this series.

Dexter’s laboratory (1996-2003)

This show was one of the popular kid’s TV shows which introduced toddlers to science and experiments. It talks about the life of a young inventor who worked in his laboratory all the time and was accompanied by annoyance from his sister. The show also deals with a superiority complex of a small boy who learned a lot of science in his laboratory. Fortunately, it is now streaming on Youtube and Sling TV.

The Powerpuff Girls (1998 – 2005)

The Powerpuff Girls was among the most popular series, especially among girls. It talks about three super-powered cartoon sisters who fought crime in the city and juggled school and homework. Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles were depicted as trivial iconic heroes like Wonder woman and Superwoman, which is the best show to empower young toddlers. It is currently airing on TV with a new animation style from 2016, and lovers of the show can even catch it on Hulu.

Pokemon series

Pokemon series (1997 – present)

This series has proved to be one of the longest of all kid’s TV shows. The story of Pokemon is based on a successful game franchise, which has also been developed into 22 movies and was introduced as a game in recent years. With the exciting storyline, the adorable characters of the show, like Squirtle, Charizard, Pikachu, and more, have hooked kids and adults to the front till today. It is now available on Netflix.

Duck Tales (1987-1990)

The series was famous for its catchy theme and the adventures of the characters, which were later turned into a movie as well. It was technically aired in the 80s but remained the favorite of kids born in the 90s. The show’s characters were all ducks on a constant hunt for adventure and often stopped criminals from trying to steal McDuck’s fortune. Fans of this show can now stream them on Disney plus.

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