The Best TV Shows of 2022

Watching TV shows and series on platforms like Netflix, Prime, HBO, etc., has become the new entertainment norm. Since their introduction to the market, these platforms have been gaining super speed in releasing a show more than the viewers can digest at once. The starting half of 2022 alone has seen a series of releases of different genres like comedy, drama, entertainment, thriller, adventure, horror, and so on.

If you’re an avid lover of TV shows and services, here are some of them you can’t miss in 2022!


If you’re into workplace comedy and love shows like ‘The Office,’ you will love the series. In director Ben Stiller’s mind, we can only imagine a comedy masterpiece like this. It starts with a thought of keeping work and home life separate, which begins the adventure in the sci-fi thriller category. According to course reviews on the show, it is one of the most addicting services of the year.


It follows a buddy comedy story. If you’re into this genre, we recommend you watch the series. Season two of this series was released this year, again starring the characters of season one – Deborah Banc (Jean Smart) and Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder) as their main characters. It has also introduced the nepotism-baby Megam Stalter as Kayl, who expands the comedy domain.

Better call Saul

The original series was released seven years ago, with the final one released in 2022. The team of Breaking Bad did it again with Bob Odenkirk’s lawyer of five seasons, who introduced the prestige drama to all TV show lovers. The characters Jimmy McGill, Rhea Seehorn, and Kim Wheeler have done an impeccable job in the final series, giving their viewers the answers to all their questions with a happy ending and making all the Breaking Bad fans proud. The series is so well-done that it has left many critics and writers wondering if it’s better than its hall-of-fame predecessor.

Tokyo Vice

The 2019 announcement of Michael Mann entering the TV industry as a pilot put every TV fanatic in a state of hyperventilation. When the series was released in the first half of 2022, people thought it was too terrific to be true. The subplot of the series talks about Mormonism, and it kind of works for the audience, despite a backslash it received in the other series. Tokyo Vice follows an insane mood in the scenes with fluorescent and relaxed attitude at the expense of narrative cohesion.

Tokyo Vice

The Boys

The third season of the series was released this year. Although the mix of shock and Meta references did not catch the audience’s attention in the earlier seasons, this time, it’s different because of the Oscar-worthy performance of Antony Starr. Also, with Kendal Jenner’s references, it is hard to miss this show in 2022.


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