TV 2 shows World Cup football in HD

When the World Cup in football is broadcast on Danish TV, TV 2 is the channel that shows the most matches. And now TV 2 has ensured that these matches can also be seen in HD quality on many Danish TV screens.
TV 2 ensures that the World Cup soccer matches, which are broadcast live on TV 2, are also shown on an additional frequency in HD quality.

“During the World Cup in football in 2006, it was also possible to watch World Cup matches in HD quality, and it was here that many Danes opened their eyes to the fact that top football, which is produced super professionally in HD quality, is an extraordinary and great experience. We look forward to sharing that experience with even more viewers when a World Cup final round with Danish participation is broadcast in HD quality. This is Denmark’s biggest crowd – in even better quality, says TV 2’s head of sports, Frederik Lauesen .

TV 2 is currently in the process of negotiating distribution agreements in place with e.g. YouSee, Stofa, Canal Digital and Smile Content.

“The TV distributors have shown a great interest in being able to show TV 2’s World Cup matches in HD quality, and I expect that we can soon have the first agreements in place with TV distributors,” says sales director Alexander Nørgaard-Madsen, TV 2 | Channel Sales.

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