TV Shows You Much Watch Once In Your Lifetime!

TV shows are now more popular than ever because they keep the audience guessing what will happen next while building suspense and advancing the plot. They don’t dull the excitement in just two hours, unlike movies. Additionally, since these TV shows are broadcast on TV channels or are available on any OTT platform, you don’t need to pay for multiplex tickets to watch them. You only need to pay a basic subscription fee to watch your favorite shows. However, among the many, a select few are deemed the best and must-watches by the audience. A few of these are listed below:


You’ve probably heard the expression “Joey doesn’t share food!” at least once. It’s a well-known statement from Friends. For many people, this show is more than just entertainment. The list of iconic television programs in the history of American comedies now includes this program. The show debuted in 1994, and its final episode aired in 2004.


The 90s young audience could easily relate to the six friends’ everyday lives as depicted in the television show. Whatever you’re looking for in a TV show—humor, sophistication, cheesiness—you’ll find it in this one. This show unquestionably perfectly captures all the emotions, which is why viewers return to watch it over and over again.


Dark is a television show that you should definitely watch if time travel thrills you. Get lost in the time loop of the small German town of Winden by watching this show, which is available on Netflix, or by downloading it. You will move among the characters to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of two children in the town.

However, remember that the various timelines and a sizable cast of characters might make you a little bit lost along the way. The story’s supernatural components and puzzle-filled cliffhangers throughout its three seasons will keep you riveted.

Breaking Bad

Discover chemistry through the eyes of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who turns to meth production after learning that he has cancer. His son is fighting for his life, his wife is pregnant, he is not financially stable, and now he has just learned that he is sick. His life is not an easy one.

Breaking Bad

When he thought his situation couldn’t get any worse, he converted an old RV into a chemistry lab and began producing meth. He is now fighting to pay off his debts and rescue his family from the pit. However, things start to deteriorate when he partners with Jesse Pinkman because greed starts to rule him, and his preferences start to shift.


Sherlock is a timeless detective show that you shouldn’t miss. Everyone in the world is very familiar with the name Sherlock Holmes. Get on a journey with the greatest detective Sherlock and solve mysteries with him if you have an active mind and enjoy solving enigmas. Together with Dr. Watson, they take on the most intriguing cases of their lives. Its first episode debuted in 2010, and its final four seasons concluded in 2017.

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