Video Trends and Technologies to Follow in 2022

Technological advances have forced people to implement new ideas in the video generation industry. Some of these advancements have affected not only the TV industry but also various factors of the visual world. The OTT ecosystem has shown a drastic impact, even compared to the video trends in 2021. In 2022, technologists and audiences are often looking for new video and streaming features that can make their life better, faster, and more straightforward.

Here, in the article, we have mentioned some of the trends implemented in 2020 and 2021 and are now seeing the light of the day for improvements and versatility in 2022.


IN 2021, due to the COVID-19 constraints, the option for Watching together and multiview was introduced on many OTT platforms, which people are still waiting to give up on. They were introduced as the non-standardized overlay mechanisms from the client side, and somehow, they lacked stability and received both positive feedback and criticism. They needed scalability and innovative integrations for every new client. The telecast and live streaming of a popular reality show was one of the best examples of Multiview options in 2021, which used various camera angles and were streamed on different cloud-based TV platforms.

However, 2022 slightly changes the entire feature by introducing server-based solutions, which helps in scaling to more devices. In addition, the standardized approach will make deploying multiple videos on all client platforms significantly easier.


Super resolutions

In simple terms, super-resolution refers to upscaling video from low resolution to high resolution. Not only is this feature crucial for maintaining image quality, but it is also essential to maintain motion consistency. Various technologies were used to upgrade from SD or HD videos to a much higher resolution to view video content on a UHD screen. Due to enhanced demand for this feature, many smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other video platforms are releasing videos with the super-resolution feature, which is expected to boost adoption.

This feature is expected to accelerate in 2022 with more device support. It is a server-based approach that provides users with an incredible and user-friendly viewing experience.

8K Virtual Reality

8K VR technology has rapidly increased from 2021, with the roll-out of 5G networks. These companies with the streaming video alliance have provided the best high-resolution capture system, which also intends to offer a harmonic viewing experience to the users. Furthermore, in 2021, major sports events fostered its enhancements. For instance, the Tokyo’20 Olympics was shown in the 4K VR quality, which significantly improved from the Rio’16 Olympics.

In the upcoming years, the Beijing Olympics will soon be able to display the sports events live in 8K VR. Moreover, 2022 -2023 also expects the use of this technology in various video-streaming platforms like gaming and video release on different OTT platforms.

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